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Narayan Bhargava Foundation (NBF), incepted in the year 1985, engage in different social wellness initiatives pertaining to education, empowerment and employment that benefit society as a whole.

The Trust was established with the goal of uplifting, rehabilitating and recognizing the economically weaker and socially underprivileged groups living amidst the general population. Mr. Narayan Bhargava, the brain behind the Trust, has been engaging in philanthropic activities for 37+ years on a moderate scale, such as supplying food, clothing, and medicine, as well as organising blood donation and medical camps.

Today, the Narayan Bhargava Foundation (NBF), formerly known as the Bhargava Charitable Trust (BCT), consist of a dedicated team of social warriors who power these social initiatives to create a better world for everyone.

NBF has been actively involved in the following charity endeavours since its incorporation:

  • Empowering physically challenged by providing wheelchairs and offering education and work.
  • Helping less fortunate kids by providing school supplies including uniforms, books, and food as well as by covering their tuition fees.
  • Taking street kids and orphans and integrating them back into society.
  • Holding recurring medical clinics, particularly in Adivasi, slum, and rural areas where there are no or low-cost medical facilities. The camps offer services such as free medical examinations, counselling, and medication distribution.
  • Providing medicine and food for underprivileged, exploited women and widows. Plus, self-employment opportunities like sewing and food preparation.


NBF takes immense pride in being backed by a renowned 40+ year experienced conglomerate; Narayan Bhargava Group (NBG). It is a multi-dimensional business entity providing result-oriented business solutions and services to varied industries.

Committing to the tagline of ‘Your Partner for Growth’; NBG has established different brands that cover both B2B and B2C business requirements.

NBG has been the perfect integrated solutions partner for businesses striving at any stage of its life cycle. It is a great support system for an established business to revamp according to the latest trends or help a new start-up make the right move.

We are extremely confident that this kind of strong backing ought to help us take leaps and grow at a faster pace.


Narayan Bhargava

Mr. Narayan Bhargava

Kushal Bhargava

Mr. Kushal Bhargava

Nishtha Malaviya

Ms. Nishtha Malaviya


Core Values

The Narayan Bhargava Foundation aims to inspire and encourage its employees to embrace, internalize, and uphold the organizations’ established fundamental principles.


We have a transparent system of generating and sharing information across

Ethical Business Practices

We always take the right path and have clear conduct in anything we do

Respect For People

We make sure everyone gets their opportunities wherein they can blossom. Work is always a medium of growth for us

Customer Centricity

We have a customer-centric approach to delivering solutions that match business requirements